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Ding Dong

Ding Dong!

So there I am busying myself around the house not really achieving much when the doorbell goes. Maybe it’s my delivery of Gravity on Blu Ray. As I approach the...
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Terminal Velocity

January 22, 2014
In 1669, seven years after his death, Pensées, a collection of ideas by the great French mathematician Blaise Pascal was published. The most famous of these ideas was Pascal’s application...
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Tim Minchin

Thank You Tim Minchin and Thank You God

My recent post Terminal Velocity covers many of the issues raised by the unbelievably talented musician and comedian Tim Minchin here during his concert with the Heritage Orchestra at the...
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On God and Religion

January 9, 2014

The queue for potential apostates starts here. A big subject needing to be addressed, so a work in progress. In the meantime please see my article Terminal Velocity which covers…

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