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While I know this is hardly an original thought, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the last 2 years is that I spent a lot of time and effort talking about things I would like to do, or feel like I should do to improve my life, but very little time actually doing them. While there are those people we all know and love to hate who are annoyingly proactive, most of us are pretty awful at getting off our excuse ridden arses.

This is my call to arms, my declaration of intent, join the revolution!

Well either that or get real with yourself about why you aren’t achieving your goals and accept it’s you, not the world or circumstances or timing or whatever.

Now it doesn’t have to be something huge or dramatic, it could just be breaking the taboo of telling someone you care about, that you do. Or quit your Customer Service job and become a Marine Biologist. The point is to do something the frightens you a little or a lot, do it now, or set the wheels in motion today. Then if you want encourage others to do the same and tell us about it here if you like, after all the first 2 rules of Fright Club are that “You Do Talk About Fright Club!”

Fright Club