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The Fuckit List

Last year as I hit my preliminary expiry date, (before developing my own little virtual mind dump on the internet), I asked my Facebook friends for some advice on one...
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A Life in Music

You know that sensation when some indescribable smell catches you by surprise and almost physically rips your inner being back to the school dinner hall, that triggers those long repressed...
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Guest Article – How We’ve Lost the War on Terror

March 9, 2014
In December 1994 I was a student with a Saturday job at Liberty – the department store on Regent Street. On the last Saturday before Christmas, one of the biggest...
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Ding Dong

Ding Dong!

So there I am busying myself around the house not really achieving much when the doorbell goes. Maybe it’s my delivery of Gravity on Blu Ray. As I approach the...
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