The unfettered mind of a terminally ill twat

Hello, my name is Eamonn, thanks for visiting Who The Hell Does He Think He Is? As you can see this website is the manifestation of the unfettered mind of a terminally ill twat. Yes, many of my articles and posts are coloured by my inconvenient prognosis, but primarily this website is a platform for opinion, free thought and right of reply; I strongly encourage you to do so! The idea is for you the reader, to become you the author; a forum for articles to be discussed and responded to with the same depth and intensity as the original piece. This is your intellectual call to arms!

Apart from the main articles, I have also written about my experiences since my diagnosis in ‘The ‘Big C’ Blog’. Despite appearances I didn’t intend to write a blog, but it appears many of you are interested. If you are one of those I suggest you read the ‘About’ sections before embarking further to give you a sense of context. I would recommend starting with the articles ‘Skyfall‘ and ‘The Good Delusion‘ as they became the foundation on which many of the later pieces were built upon.

This is not a swamp of self pity; I hope that you might even find some of this makes you laugh. Indeed the good people at Britmums awarded my ramblings their 2014 Inspire Award for Brilliance in Blogging, so there must be something positive in there somewhere! Please enjoy and leave any comments you feel like making.

Future topics will build in contention and I personally plan to write on such casual trivia as Happiness, Self Indulgent Introspection, God & Religion, and Politics from the the Playground to the Warsaw Pact.

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